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1860 Alabama Mortality Schedule. Eighth Census of the United States, Original Returns of the Assistant Marshals, Third Series, Persons Who Died During the Year Ending June 30, 1860. By. Marilyn Davis Bare field, Pub. 1987, 196 pages, Index. ISBN 0-89308-603-7

At the same time the eighth census of the United States of America was taken in 1860, the enumerator also recorded all the deaths in his district for the previous year. This mortality schedule listed the name of the deceased; age; sex; color; whether; free or a slave; married or single; place of birth; month of death; cause of death and number of days ill.

BH 14 $20.00

Index to Alabama Wills, 1808-1870. By: Alabama Society Daughter of the American Revolution, Orig. Pub. 1955, Reprinted 1999, 192 pages, Hard cover, ISBN #0-89308-399-2.

This book is an index of Wills for the state of Alabama. The Wills used to complete this book were found in a variety of places, such as: Will Books, Deed Books, Probate Records, Court Minutes & Records, Administration Records, Order Books and Records of Estates. This book is arranged alphabetically by surname. Such information found within in this book: person leaving a will, county where the will was found, date and page number.

AL 27 $32.50

MARRIAGE & DEATH NOTICES from ALABAMA NEWSPAPERS, 1819-1890. By: Helen S. Foley, Pub. 1981, Reprinted 2005, 244 pages, Index, hard cover, ISBN #0-89308-208-2.

These records of marriages and obituaries from newspapers in Central and Eastern Alabama cover a period from 1819 to 1890 with no series of papers being copied in their entirety.  Much valuable genealogical information is to be gleaned from this book of source material. Some of the papers from which this material is taken are: Montgomery Republican, Mobile Commercial Register, The Eufaula Democrat, The Spirit of the South, Independent American, Eufaula Express, The Bluff City Times, The Henry County Register, The Clayton Banner, Eufaula Weekly Times & News, Eufaula Times & News, The Eufaula Times, The Eufaula Weekly Bulletin, and Eufaula Daily Times..

AL 12 $30.00

Barbour County, Ala., The 1833 State Census for. By Helen S. Foley, Pub. 1976, 66 pages, Index, Soft cover, ISBN 0-89308-177-9

AL 17 $9.00

Barbour Co., Alabama, 1838-1859, Marriage Records of. By Helen S. Foley, Pub. 1990, Approx.. 100 pages, Index. Soft cover, ISBN 0-89308-657-6.

Contains approximately 2,200 marriages and approximately 6,000 names, including bride and groom, officiating minister and oftentimes the name of the persons home where the marriage took place.

AL 20 $20.00

Barbour Co., Alabama, Rural Land owners of. By Marie H. Godfrey, Pub. 1990, 164 pages, Index, Soft cover, ISBN 0-89308-670-3.

In 1851 A.B. Herbert, Register, made maps of every township of Barbour County showing ownership of each parcel of rural land. These maps were marked "correct up to March 1, 1851". Names of the land owners were abstracted from the maps with the descriptions of the land by section, township, and range.  The primary purpose of this book is to make available to the researcher as much documented information as possible concerning these land owners - names, dates, places of birth and death, names of spouses, names of parents and former places of residence. In the absence of documented proof, speculation is occasionally included. Approximate dates and places of birth as well as year of arrival in Alabama are from the 1850 census of Barbour County unless a different reference is given. The spelling of both given name and surname varies according to the reference used.  All records are for Barbour County unless specified. About 1866, parts of Barbour County were cut into Russell and Bulloch Counties. This land is shown by an (R) for Russell County and a (B) for Bulloch County following the description.

AL 23 $20.00

Barbour Co., Alabama, Obituaries from Newspapers, 1890-1905. By Helen S. Foley, Pub. 1976, Reprinted 1992, 146 pages, Index, Soft cover, ISBN 0-89308-182-3.

AL 6 $15.00

Barbour and Henry Counties, Ala., Newspapers, 1846-1890, Marriage and Deaths from. By Helen S. Foley, Pub. 1999, 250 pages plus Index, ISBN 0-89308-658-4.

These newspaper abstracts used to complete this book were compiled from papers on file at the Barbour and Henry Courthouses, the Eufaula Carnegie Library and the Alabama History and Archives.  These marriage and deaths not only mention over 11,000 persons from these two counties, but also throughout Georgia and Alabama with many other references to other states as well, including Va., Tex., SC., NC., Fla., and Tenn.

AL 21 $35.00

Barbour Co., Alabama, Obituaries from Newspapers, 1890-1905. By Helen S. Foley, Pub. 1976, Reprinted 1992, 146 pages, Index, Soft cover, ISBN 0-89308-182-3.

BH 11 $17.50

Butler County, Alabama, Obituaries. By Marilyn Davis Hahn, Pub. 1985, 158 pages, maps, Index, Soft cover, ISBN 0-89308-549-9.

The Courthouse in Greenville burned in 1853 destroying all probate records. These obituaries should provide additional knowledge of the early citizens of the county.  The obituaries listed here were compiled for the most part from issues of The Greenville Advocate, The Butler County News, The Spirit of the Times, The Weekly Echo, The Living Truth, The South Alabamian, The Southern Messenger and The Alabama Christian Advocate. Most of the papers researched were from the 1800's, with only a few running over into the 20th century.

BH 11


Old Cahaba Land Office Records & Military Records, 1817-1853. By Marilyn D. Barefield. Pub. 1981, Revised and Reprinted 1986 & 1999, 300 pages, Index. ISBN #0-89308-384-4.

This book contains records of more than 1,800 early purchasers from the land offices in Milledgeville, GA. and Cahaba, Ala. including 1,600 entries not listed in the 1981 version. The section, township, and range, for each entry residents of Autauga, Barbour, Bibb, Butler, Coffee, Conecuh, Covington, Crenshaw, Dale, Dallas, Escambia, Geneva, Greene, Houston, Lowndes, Marengo, Monroe, Montgomery, Perry, Pike, Shelby, and Wilcox counties.

AL 29 $35.00

Clarke County, Alabama, History of. By John Simpson Graham, Pub. 1923, Reprinted 1994, 354 pages, plus new index, Hard Cover. ISBN # 0-89308-693-2.

Clarke County is located between the Alabama and Tombigbee Rivers and was initially carved from Washington County in 1812. When Alabama became a Territory in 1817, Clark County was substantially enlarged. This history is similar to most county histories done in this time period in that it covers all the usual topics such as education, newspapers, population, Indian skirmishes, mineral wealth, schools and community leaders. It is especially rich in biographical sketches and has various lists of soldiers including the war records on many men living in the community who had served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.  It is filled with biographical sketches of individuals with detailed genealogies on many of the early pioneer families of the county such as: Adams, Anderson, Ball, Barnes, Bedsole, Bolen, Boroughs, Boyles, Caller, Carlton, Chapman, Davis, Frazier, Garrett, Gillis, Graham, Grant, Gross, Hicks, Jones, Johnson, Kimbell, Kimbrough, Langford, Mathews, McDuffie, McGowan, McLeod, Murphy, Newman, Nichols, Pugh, Rivers, Savage, Stewart, Taylor, Tucker, Turner, Wilson, Wing, and the mention of vast numbers of other pioneer settlers.

AL 24 $35.00

Conecuh Co., Alabama, History of. By Benjamin Franklin Riley, Pub. 1881, Reprinted 2002, 246 pages, new index, ISBN # 0-89308-692-4.

This excellent history of this early county begins with its earliest times and settlers, the Creek Indians. This is followed by the early settlement of Conecuh by the whites in 1815 at a place called Bellville. Early in 1817 more people moved in from North Carolina and Chester District, S.C. Great difficulty befell those early emigrants especially in 1816 as they attempted to obtain food from long distances, with their lives always endangered through perilous travels in Indian territory. This was followed by more Indian hostilities from scattered Indian bands whose main body had been defeated at the Battle of Horse Shoe Bend by Andrew Jackson.  Finally in January 1818, Conecuh became an organized county bounded on the north by Monroe and Montgomery Counties, on the west by Clarke and Mobile Counties, on the east by Georgia and on the south by Florida. The book continues with the continual growth of the county in the areas of transportation, mail service, formation of towns and communities and growth in general until the book ends in 1881 at its time of publication.  The author gives much biography of early families and citizens, namely: Amos Ashley, Autrey, Bell, Bolling, Burnett, Cary, Crosby, Crosley, Cunningham, Donald, Ethridge, Forbes, Gray, Greene, Groce, Hawthorne, Hunter, Jay, Jernigan, Jones, King, Lee, Martin, McCreary, Morrow, Oliver, Perryman, Rabb, Sampey, Shaw, Simpson, Stallworth, Stearns, Straughn, Travis, Warren, and Watkins.

AL 26 $28.50

Old Demopolis Land Office Records & Military Warrants, 1818-1860, and Records of the Vine and Olive Colony. By Marilyn D. Barefield. Pub. 1988. 172 pages, Index, Maps. ISBN #0-89308-637-1.

This land office offered the public land for sale in Choctaw, Green, Hale, Marengo and Sumter counties, Ala. One chapter deals with military bounty land warrants and two with the early French "Vine and Olive" emigrants. Approx. 5,100 early settlers are listed.

BH 16 $20.00

Monroe & Conecuh Counties, AL. Marriages, 1833-1880.  By: Lucy W. Colson, Pub. 1983, Reprinted 2001, 173 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-335-6.

Monroe county was formed from the Mississippi Territory in 1815 and at that time it had one of the largest populations and land masses of any county in the state. This remained true until Conecuh, Wilcox, and Clarke counties were formed from it. In 1835, there was a courthouse fire that destroyed all of Monroe county's records except the Orphan Court Minutes. There are about 4,000 marriages and approximately 13,000 names of individuals including bondsman & minister.

AL 18 $25.00

FAYETTE COUNTY, ALABAMA, History of.  By: Herbet & Jeanie Newell, Pub. 1960, 467 pages, Index, hard cover, ISBN #0-89308-811-0.

This book should be in the library of anyone who has or is researching in the State of Alabama due to not only its sacristy but also for its content. When this book was first printed in 1960, it was limited to a print run of only 200 copies. So that when a person tries to locate a copy, it is nearly impossible.  Fayette county was created in 1824 from Tuscaloosa county. This book discusses the history of the county through such topics as: economics, transportation, education, religion and government. This book is a genealogical treasure chest, as it is filled with lists of persons from the county such as: heads of household for 1830 & 1840, numerous lists of public servants, ministers for various churches throughout the county, lists of Pensioners for the War of 1812, volunteers from the Seminole War, Civil War census of 1907, Cemetery records, and many, many other lists concerning persons from the county. But what the family historian / researcher will savior are the Biographical Sketches of approximately 1,200 early settlers/citizens of the county. This alone makes-up over half of the entire book.

AL 33 $50.00

Pickens County, Alabama, History of. From its First Settlement in 1817-1856.  By Nelson F. Smith, Pub. 1856, Reprinted 1994. 272 pages, Index, Hard cover, ISBN #0-89308-691-6

Pickens county was created by the Alabama Legislature in 1820, the year after Alabama was admitted into the Union. The early settlers, most of whom were from the upper districts of South Carolina, are discussed under the topics of living conditions, crops, mills, election precincts, the villages of the county and county officers. A "General View of Pickens County" includes water courses, towns, geography, agriculture, roads, religion, manufacturers, charter of the inhabitants, minerals, and education facilities. Newspapers, climate, early settlers, eminent men and schools are also discussed in this section. Of particular interest are biographical sketches of judges, county court clerks, sheriffs, commissioners, circuit court clerks, and representatives of the Legislature.

AL 25 $28.50

Pike County, Alabama, 1855-1861, Newspaper Abstracts from.  By: Susie K. Senn, Pub. 1999, 314 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-424-7.

Pike County was created in the 1821 from Henry County, Alabama. It is surrounded by the present day counties of: Barbour, Bullock, Coffee, Crenshaw, Dale, and Montgomery counties.  Due to the many counties carved out of Pike County, (Bullock, Barbour, & Crenshaw Counties), this book will be extremely helpful for researchers looking for individuals in this southeastern portion of the state. These newspaper abstracts were taken from the Independent American, a newspaper published in the town of Troy. Within this book, information will be found on deaths, marriages, administrative notices, murders, trials, hangings, and many, many other items of genealogical interest.

AL 31 $35.00

Pike County, Alabama, 1860-1865, Newspaper Abstracts from.  By: Susie K. Senn. Pub. 2002, 372 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-729-7.

This is the SECOND VOLUME of a series of newspaper abstracts by Susie Senn. These newspaper abstracts were taken from the Southern Advertiser, Troy, AL. during the years of The War of Northern Aggression. There are articles of Secession Meetings and Resistance Club Meetings including some names. There is information on formation of various Militia Units and their training. There are letters from soldiers to their families and to the newspaper editor. There are dead & wounded lists, unit lists, obituaries of soldiers and much, much more concerning Pike county's people which at that time covered the now Pike County and parts of what are now Bullock and Crenshaw Counties.

AL 32 $38.50

Randolph Co., Ala., Historical Records of, 1832-1900. By Marilyn Davis Barefield. Pub. 1985, 230 pages, Index, Illus., map, ISBN 0-89308-548-0.

Randolph County is one of the counties in Alabama which has suffered the loss of probate records. The Courthouse burned in 1897 destroying all of the records up to that time. This book is a compilation of some early records of the county in an effort to make the existing material readily available for research.  Included are three histories written on the county: "Early Days in Randolph County" by General B.F. Weathers; "Randolph County, Alabama, 62 Years Ago, the Red Man's Home, the White man's Eden" by J.M.K. Guinn and "Randolph County" by William Wallace Screws. Three early newspapers of the state, The Jacksonville Republican, The American Eagle, and The Randolph Enterprise provide marriages, obituaries, probate notices, etc., for the years 1841-1875 and 1895-1897. Also, Registers of Deaths from 1886-1897, found in the Department of Archives and History in Montgomery, are included, plus the 1850 Mortality Schedule, Alabama State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1887-1888, Civil War Pensioners, wills and deeds.

BH 10 $22.50

Old Sparta & Elba land office records & military warrants, 1822-1860.

BH 5 $20.00

Walker County, Alabama, History of. By: John M. Dombhart, Orig. Pub. 1937, Reprinted 2002, 382 pages, plus New Index, ISBN #0-89308-725-4.

Walker County is located in the North Central portion of the state. It was created in the 1830's and was surrounded at the time by the counties of: Blount, Fayette, Franklin, Jefferson, Lawrence, Marion, Morgan, and Tuscaloosa. Large numbers of early pioneers passed through this portion of the state of Alabama on their way westward with numerous individuals staying on as settlers.  The main bulk of this book is devoted to over 500 Biographical Sketches of these early pioneer settlers. Due to these vast numbers, we are unable to list these surnames at this time. This New Index that was specially compiled for this volume contains the names of over 7,300 individuals.

AL 22 $40.00

WALKER COUNTY, ALABAMA, Records of.  By: Inez Biggerstaff, Orig. Pub. 1959, Reprinted 2005, 201 pages, Index, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-812-9.

Walker county was created in 1821 from Tuscaloosa and Marion counties. It is located in the Northern portion of the state and is surrounded by the counties of: Blount, Fayette, Jefferson, Marion, Tuskaloosa, and Winston. This area of Northern Alabama was a major route for persons migrating westward out of or through Tennessee and Georgia.  Due to the fact that the records for this county are "DESTROYED" prior to 1871 makes this book as well as any other book on Walker County of extreme importance. Material contained in this book: 1840 Census, Lists of 1840 Tax Payers, Marriages 1879-1888, Pensioners from the War of 1812, Bible & Family records containing births, deaths, & marriages, and Cemetery Inscriptions from Not only Walker County but also neighboring counties of: Cullman, Fayette, Marion, Talladega, Tuscaloosa and Winston.

AL 17 $28.50

Wilcox County, Alabama, Records of.  By Marilyn Davis Barefield, Pub. 1988, 219 pages, Index, Maps, ISBN #0-89308-636-3.

Records of Wilcox County includes the first two marriage Books plus 300 marriages from the missing third book; Will Books I and II; Orphan Court Records, 1820-1827; Deed Book A, 1820-1829; CSA Pension Applications; History of Furman by W.B. Palmer; Elections of 1847 and 1853; and notices from early newspapers.

BH 17 $22.50