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North Carolina

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1784-1787 Census of North Carolina.  By: Mrs. Alvaretta K. Register, Pub. 1971, Reprinted 2002, 233 pages, Index.

This, a forerunner of the federal census of 1790, is of more than usual importance because during and after the Revolution there was a considerable population shift, and some individuals identified here are to be found in the 1790 census of other states. Based on original records in the N.C. Dept. of Archives and History, it lists about 14,000 household heads with an enumeration of those in each household by age, sex, and race. In addition, for the individuals named, there are references to the sources of the information.

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1701-1786 Taxpayers of North Carolina,  Vol. #1.  By: Clarence E. Ratcliff, Pub. 1984, 288 pages.

The following are the counties covered: Anson, Beaufort, Bertie, Bladen, Brunswick, Bute, Caswell, Chowan, Craven, Cumberland, Currituck, Dobbs, Edgecombe, Franklin-Warren-Vance, Gates, Granville, New Hanover, Northampton, Onslow, Orange, Pasquatank, Perquimans, Pitt, Randolph, Rowan, Tryon, and Tyrrell. In all there are approx. 28,000 names.

BG 135 $30.00

1679-1790 Taxpayers of North Carolina, Vol. #2. By: Clarence E. Ratcliff, Pub. 1987, Reprinted 2002, 230 pages.

This volume contains names of Approximately 29,000 taxpayers. The following are the counties covered: Albemarle, Beaufort, Bertie, Bladen, Brunswick, Bute, Camden, Carteret, Caswell, Chowan, Craven, Currituck, Dobbs, Duplin, gates, Granville, Halifax, Hertford, Johnston, Jones, Martin, Montgomery, Nash, New Bern Dist., Northampton, Onslow, Orange, Pasquatank, Perquimans, Pitt, Richmond, Rowan, Rutherford, Sampson, Surry, Tyrrell, Warren, Wayne, and Wilkes. The names of the taxpayers are listed alphabetically.

BG 183 $30.00

(Bertie Co.) Colonial Bertie County, N.C., Deed Books A-H, 1720-1757.  By: Mary Best Bell, Orig. Pub. 1963 & 1968, Reprinted 1977, 1980, & 1997, 328 pages, map, Index, ISBN # 0-89308-048-9.

Bertie Precinct was formed in 1722 and form it were formed the later N.C. counties of Tyrell, Edgecombe, Northampton, Granville, Halifax, Nash, Wilson, Hertford, Martin, Washington, orange, Vance, Franklin, and Warren. This book contains the names of more than 24,000 persons in these deeds.

NC 2 $35.00

Bladen County, N.C., Abstracts of Early Deed, 1738-1804. By: Brent Holcomb, Pub. 1979, Reprinted 1982 & 1992, 88 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-189-2.

At is formation in 1734, Bladen encompassed everything west of the present county. Even though many of Bladen's Deeds were lost in the three court house fires, these abstracts are especially informative, with many long chains of title going back to original grants and many references to bordering Craven County, S.C. This book will provide many links which were formerly thought forever lost.

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(Burke Co.) Revolutionary War Soldiers of Western N.C.: Burke County, Vol. #2. By: Emmett R. White, Pub. 1998, 352 pages, Index, Hard Cover, ISBN #0-89308-520-0.

The contributions of the Revolutionary War soldiers of Western N.C. during the conflict of 1775-1782 were immense. The rolling hills of the Carolina Piedmont were as much a battleground as those of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Kings Mountain, Ramsour's Mill, Cowpens, the Indian Wars, and many other conflicts all helped to change the course of American history. Unfortunately, from a historical standpoint, very little written data is available concerning the contributions of the Western N.C. Militiamen. Many of the western counties, though their soldiers contributed greatly to the war effort, are historically "silent". This work is an effort to unravel and to present in a systematic way something about their lives and exploits.  The initial two volume will be devoted to Burke County. Each soldier will be written up to his early life (as much as could be made available), his military experiences, his later life, including marriages, children, occupations, etc. Also included will be his land transactions and census locations. Where available, burial sites will be given as well as pension awards.  Following completion of the Burke County editions, similar works will begin on the remaining Western North Carolina counties. Early research is now in progress for Wilkes, Surry, Rowan, Mecklenburg, Lincoln, and Rutherford counties.

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Burke County, N.C. Land Records, 1751-1809, Vol. 3, and More Important Miscellaneous Records.  By: Edith Warren Huggins, Pub. 1987, 234 Pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-620-7.

Volume III contains 1,782 names of settlers; land records (entries, plats, grants); road papers; court minutes of wills; estates; orphans; civil and criminal cases; numerous other early records.

NC 35 $28.50

Burke County, N.C. History, Sketches of the Pioneers in.  By: Col. Thomas George Walton, Pub. 1984, 96 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-538-3.

The articles comprising the first part of this book, page 5 through 67, were written in 1894 and were published in the old Morganton Herald. Those articles found on pages 68 through 89 were copies from manuscripts of Col. Walton; these are now in the possession of his granddaughter, Mrs. Harry Boggs (1924).  This book contains sketches of the following pioneers in Burke County history: Avery, Ballew, Bechtter, Bouchelle, Bownman, Bradshaw, Brittain, Caldwell, Carson, Collins, Connelly, Corpening, Dobson, Duckworth, Erwin, Estes, Forney, Graham, Greenlee, Hemphill, Henderson, Herne, Hildebrand (2), Lenoir, McDowell, McEntire, Miller, Morrison, Murphy, Newland, Patton, Perkin, Person, Picken, Rutherford, Stevelies, Tates, Walker, Walton.

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Duplin County, N.C., Abstracts of Deeds, 1784-1813, Vol. 1.  By: Eleanor Smith Draughton, Orig. Pub. 1983, Reprinted 1986, 256 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-598-7.

Duplin County, located in the southeastern section of N.C. was formed in 1750 from New Hanover County. In the year 1800, the county was bounded by the counties of Jones, Lenoir, New Hanover, Onslow, Sampson, and Wayne. Part of New Hanover was annexed to Duplin in 1751, and in 1777 part of Duplin was annexed to Johnston County. A major change involved the formation of Sampson County from Duplin in the year 1784. The county seat of Duplin is Kenansville.  The deeds in Book 1A, 3A, and 4A are thoroughly abstracted in this volume. The book is essential for research in the hundreds of families who lived here during the early Federal period before migrating to the west and south. The two indexes include surnames of all persons mentioned in the deeds and the names of slaves. Duplin County residents of the period came for the most part from Virginia Tidewater counties and the Delaware River Valley.

NC 33 $27.50

Duplin County, N.C., 1749-1868, Marriage Bonds of.  By: Cora Bass, pub. 2001, 150 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-521-9.

Even though Duplin county was created in 1749, the marriages from 1749-1754 are missing. The marriage bonds for this book cover the time frame 1755-1868. These bonds were required by the clerk of courts in which the bride-to-be resided in. These bonds were issued before issuing a license to the prospective bridegroom and his bondsman, usually a close friend or relative.

NC 50 $20.00

Duplin County, N.C., Wills, Genealogical Abstracts from.  By: William L. Murphy, Orig. Pub. 1982, reprinted 1986, 280 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-595-2.

This volume contains abstracts of 588 wills and the index has references to 6,030 individuals. The appendix lists wills for the period following: 1861-1900. An index of slave names lists 3,657 individuals. A place name index also is included listing some 410 places.

NC 32 $27.50

Edgecombe County, N.C., History of.  By: Kelly Turner and John L. Bridgers, Orig. Pub. 1920, Reprinted 1997, 544 pages, New Index, Hard Cover, ISBN #0-89308-493-X.

After many years, this book is finally available with a New Index, which makes its use for research at possibility. This book is not too different from other county history books of this era. With such topics as trade and transportation, labor, farming, politics, and race relations - all important in the development of the county - are carefully discussed. This type of county history book can help one develop ideas or paths to those missing ancestors by showing the customs and traditions of the local residents. A particular useful feature of this book is the extensive biographical information included. This volume contains more than 198 biographical sketches, included in which are some 2,000 additional family members. Also found in this nook are the names of some 7,000 other persons prominent in the early history of this county.

NC 43 $48.50

(Edgecombe Co.) Marriages and Deaths from Tarboro (N.C.) Newspapers, 1824-1865. By: Hugh Buckner Johnson, Pub. 1985, 168 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-558-8.

Tarboro is the county seat of Edgecombe County, which is one of the oldest counties in eastern North Carolina. The newspaper records in this book have references to persons also in the surrounding counties such as: Pitt, Halifax, Nash, Wilson, Wake, Greene, Wayne, and Johnston.  Some of the newspapers here are The Southern, The Free Press, The North Carolinian, the North Carolina Press, The North Carolina Free Press, Political Synopsis, The Tarboro Mercury, The Tarboro Press and The Tarboro Scaevola.

NC 23


Edgecombe County, N.C. Deeds, 1759-1768,  Vol. 1.   By: Stephen Bradley, Pub. 1995-1996, Index.

SB 40 $30.00

Edgecombe County, N.C. Deeds, 1768-1778, Vol. #2. By: Stephen Bradley, Pub. 1995-1996, Index.

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Edgecombe County, N.C. Deeds, 1778-1786, Vol. #3.  By: Stephen Bradley, Pub. 1995-1996, Index.

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Edgecombe County, N.C. Deeds, 1786-1794, Vol. #4.  By: Stephen Bradley, Pub. 1995-1996, Index.

SB 43 $30.00

Franklin County, N.C., Tax Lists, 1785-1810. By: S. Bradley, Pub. 1994, Index, soft cover..

SB 9 $30.00

Franklin County, N.C., Will Books, Estate Records, Guardian Accounts. By: Stephen Bradley, Pub. 1988, Index, soft cover..

Vol. 1: Will Book A, 1785-1797

SB 3 $30.00


Vol. 2: Will Book B, 1794-1804.

SB 4 $30.00


Vol. 3: Will Book C, 1804-1812

SB 5 $30.00


Vol. 4: Will Books D-G, 1812-1824.

SB 6 $30.00

Vol. 5: Will Books H-J, 1824-1834.

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Halifax Co., N.C., A History of. By: W.C. Allen, Orig. Pub. 1918, reprinted 1993, maps, New Index, ISBN #0-89308-491-3.

Halifax County is in the northern part of N.C. within 6 miles of the Virginia line and it adjoins the Tar River and Roanoke River. It borders Martin and Warren counties. Edgecombe County was formed in 1738 and from it a few years later Halifax County was formed in 1758.  Part one of this book deals with the information of the county, Revolutionary War activities and general history. Part two is titled "Builders of the County" and is primarily concerned with Biographical sketches of many of the early citizens, namely: Allen, Alston, Ashe, Bradford, Brance, Branch, Burton, Bynum, Conigland, Daniel, Davis, Emry, Haywood, Hill, Hodge, Hogan, Jones, Joyner, Long, Lynch, Moore, Montford, Parker, Potter, Shaw, Smith, Weldon, Whitaker, & many other pioneer settlers...

NC 51


Mecklenburg County, N.C., Deed Abstracts, 1763-1779, Books 1-9. By: Brent Holcomb, Pub. 1979, Reprinted 2001, 288 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-108-6.

Mecklenburg county was formed in 1763 from Anson County and in turn Tryon county was formed from Mecklenburg in 1769. This book covers the period when Mecklenburg county also included portions of several South Carolina Counties: Cherokee, Chester, Greenville, Kershaw, Lancaster, Laurens, Newberry, Spartanburg, Union and York. So not only does this book have great significances for persons researching in this area of N.C. but also for persons who are looking for relatives in the Up-Country of S.C. during the late 1700's.

NC 5


Mecklenburg County, N.C., Deed Abstracts, 1778-1830, Vol. 2.  By: Herman W. Ferguson, Pub. 1990, soft cover, Index.

Each volume contains abstracts of approx. 3,000 pages of original deeds which contain approx. 2,500 actual deeds. Approximately one-half of these deed are for land made to persons residing in Mecklenburg County for land in same county but there are many grants in the "Middle District" of what is now Tennessee. Each books full name index contains the names of approx. 16,000 persons .

BZ 1 $30.00

Mecklenburg County, N.C., Deed Abstracts, 1794-1830, Vol. #3.  By: Herman W. Ferguson, Pub. 1995, .soft cover, Index.

Each volume contains abstracts of approx. 3,000 pages of original deeds which contain approx. 2,500 actual deeds. Approximately one-half of these deed are for land made to persons residing in Mecklenburg County for land in same county but there are many grants in the "Middle District" of what is now Tennessee. Each books full name index contains the names of approx. 16,000 persons .

BZ 9 $37.50

Mecklenburg County, N.C., Court Minutes, 1774-1780, Vol. # 1. By: Doris Futch Briscoe, Orig. Pub. 1966, Reprinted 1997, 336 pages, Index, Hard Cover, ISBN #0-89308-591-X.

Mecklenburg County was formed from Anson County, N.C. in 1762. It was a pathway of major migration from both Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey as the Scotch-Irish came to the area in huge numbers.  Court minutes are considered some of the most important records on the county level. The reason researchers value court minutes so much is because they reflect many areas of activity in the county and the persons involved: estates being settled, persons assigned to jury duty or to work on the roads, lawsuits, wills, probated deeds recorded, apprentices indentured, orphans put under the care of the court, etc. Do not be surprised to find those surnames you have been searching for in other books on this county that you have had no luck with so far..

NC 9


Mecklenburg County, N.C., Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Session, 1780-1800, Vol. 2. By: Herman W. Ferguson, Pub. 1995-1998, 276 pages, Index, soft cover.

BZ 3 $27.50

Mecklenburg County, N.C., Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Session, 1801-1820, Vol. #3. By: Herman W. Ferguson, Pub. 1995-1998, 342 pages, Index, soft cover.

BZ 4 $35.00

Mecklenburg County, N.C., Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Session, 1821-1830, Vol. #4. By: Herman W. Ferguson, Pub. 1995-1998, 252 pages, Index, soft cover.

BZ 5 $30.00

Mecklenburg County, N.C., Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Session, 1831-1840, Vol. #5. By: Herman W. Ferguson, Pub. 1995-1998, 259 pages, Index, soft cover.

BZ 7


Mecklenburg County, N.C., Minutes of the Court of Common Pleas and Quarter Session, 1841-1850, Vol. #6. By: Herman W. Ferguson, Pub. 1995-1998, 276 pages, Index, soft cover.

BZ 8


Mecklenburg County, N.C., Will Abstracts, 1791-1868, Books A-J, and Tax Lists of 1797,1798. 1799, 1806, & 1807. By: Herman W. Ferguson, Pub. 1992, 390 pages, maps, Index.

Because of the loss of records in both Mecklenburg and the parent county of Anson, these records are particularly valuable to those doing research in Tryon, Cabarrus, Rowan, and Union counties, N.C. and in the South Carolina border counties of Chesterfield, Lancaster, and York. the 1797 tax list is the earliest extant for Mecklenburg and the next four extant tax lists are also given.

BZ 2 BZ 2

Northampton County, N.C., Deed,1774-1787, Vol. #2. By: Stephen Bradley, Pub. 1993, Index, soft cover.

SB 24


Orange County, N.C., Abstracts of Wills. (1752-1850). By: Ruth H. Shields, Pub. 1957 & 1966, Reprinted 2001, 452 pages, Hard Cover, ISBN #0-89308-769-6.

Orange county was formed in 1752 largely from Granville, partly from Bladen and Johnson counties, N.C. And from Orange county were created the counties of: Alamance, Caswell, Chatham, Durham, Guilford, Person, & Wake.  The researcher will find countless clues to missing ancestors who were mentioned through the wills, deeds, and power-of-attorney that were recorded within these Wills. Many children are mentioned who had already received their part of estates and thus were not legatees. Executors, neighbors and others are all being mentioned make this a very useful tool. Also to help show that a certain relative lived in the area the author has kept the names of all witness within the book.  Special Note: the author has also included approximately 202 marriages (1761-1800) which were NOT shown at all in the county's marriage bonds. These marriages were discovered within Wills that were being abstracted, there for not all marriages took place in Orange County.

NC 56


Raleigh, N.C., Newspapers, 1796-1826, Marriage and Death Notices from. By: Silas Emmett Lucas Jr., and Brent Holcomb, Orig. Pub. 1977, Reprinted 1978, 1981, & 1984, 168 pages, soft cover, ISBN #0-89308-046-2.

These marriage and death notices are important because they were from all over North Carolina and adjacent states. There are marriage notices included from counties in which marriage bonds are not extant. These notices are alphabetized by groom. There is also an alphabetized listing of brides. Obituaries are alphabetized by the name of the deceased.

NC 6


Rockingham County, N.C., Deed Abstracts, 1785-1800. By: Irene B. Webster, Orig. Pub. 1973, Reprinted 1983, 122 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-351-8.

This book includes Deed Books A - E and contains the names of more than 4,000 persons including grantor, grantee, witness, & etc.

NC 13


Rockingham County, N.C., Will Abstracts, Vol. 1, 1785-1865. By: Irene B. Webster, Pub. 1973, Reprinted 1983, 138 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-355-0.

Rockingham County is bordered on the north by Pittsylvania and Henry counties, Virginia; on the east by Caswell County; on the south by Guilford County; and on the west by Stokes. It was formed in 1785 from Guilford County. This book contains Will Books A-C plus "Old Wills" which were a group of wills discovered in 1957 and were dated prior to 1804.

NC 14 $18.50

Rutherford County, N. C., Wills and Miscellaneous Records, 1783-1868.  By: James E. and Vivian Wooley, Pub. 1984, 184 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-413-1.

This book containing Books A-E includes not only the wills of Rutherford County, but also powers of attorney, apprenticeships, some estate settlements and some bills of sale, etc. Rutherford was formed in 1779 from Tryon County. It is surrounded by Polk, McDowell, Buncombe, and Lincoln counties and South Carolina state line.

NC 16 $25.00

Stokes County, North Carolina, Deeds, 1787-1797, Vols. 1-2. By: Mrs. W.O. Absher, Pub. 1985, 200 pages, Index, ISBN #02-89308-556-1.

Stokes county was formed in 1789 from Surry County. it is in the north-central section of the state and is bounded by Rockingham, Forsyth and Surry counties and the state line of Virginia. In 1849, Forsyth was formed from Stokes County.

NC 21 $22.50

Stokes County, N.C., Wills, 1790-1864, Vols. 1-4. By: Mrs. W.O. Absher, Pub. 1985, 181 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-557-X.

NC 22  $21.50

Surry County, N. C., Court Minutes, 1768-1789, Vols. 1-2. By: Mrs. W.O. Absher, Pub. 1985, 168 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-554-5.


Surry County was formed in 1770 from Rowan County. It is in the north-central section of the state and is bounded by the state of Virginia and Stokes, Yadkin, Wilkes, and Alleghany counties. In 1773, part of Rowan was annexed to Surry; Wilkes County was formed in 1777 from Surry and Stokes County was formed in 1789 from Surry. In 1792, part of Wilkes County was annexed to Surry and in 1796, part of Stokes was annexed to Surry and in 1869, 1870, and 1875 parts of Surry were annexed to Alleghany County.

NC 19 $18.50

Surry County, N.C., Deed Books A, B, and C, 1770-1788. By: Mrs. W.O. Absher, Pub. 1981, Reprinted 1987, 128 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-172-8.

Deed books A and B have been out of print for some time and now are being combined with Book C in a brand-new volume. Surry County was formed from Rowan in 1770 and is one of those very important counties in which so much migration came via Virginia, as well as New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

NC 8 $22.50

Tryon, Lincoln, and Rutherford Counties, N.C., 1769-1786, Deed Abstracts of, and Tryon County Wills and Estates.  By: Brent Holcomb, Orig. Pub. 1977, Reprinted 1979, 1982, & 1997, 244 pages, maps, Index, Hard Cover, ISBN #0-89308-047-0.

Tryon County was formed from Mecklenburg County in 1769. At one time Tryon County included all or part of the N.C. counties of Burke, Cleveland, Gaston, Henderson, Lincoln, Polk, Rutherford, McDowell, and the S.C. counties of York, Chester, Union, Cherokee, Spartanburg, Greenville, Laurens, and Newberry.  These deeds, wills, and estates should provide many missing links for the researcher working on the Carolina frontier.

NC 4 $32.50

Tryon and Lincoln Counties, N.C., Marriage Bonds of.  By: Curtis Bynum, Pub. 1929, Reprinted 1991, 184 pages, Index, Hard cover,  ISBN #0-89308-316-X.

Lincoln County was formed in 1779 from Tryon County which had been formed in 1769 from Mecklenburg County. At. the formation of Lincoln, another portion of Tryon became Rutherford County, and in 1782 a part of Burke County was added to Lincoln. the marriage bonds of Tryon and Lincoln cover the period from 1769-1869, and the more than 6,000 bonds herein abstracted are on file in the courthouse in Lincolnton, N.C.

NC 10 $27.50

Tryon County, N.C., Minutes of the Court of Pleas, & Quarter Sessions, 1769-1779.  By: Brent Holcomb, Pub. 1993, 234 pages, Index.

The single most important record for any N.C. researcher is the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions. Lists of deeds proved and recorded are found in the court minutes, as well as lists of wills proved or administrations on intestate estates taken out. The construction of roads and the road juries (sometimes called road gangs) who were to lay out and maintain the roads are spelled out in these records. Small court cases (usually over debt.), depositions, jury lists, tax officials' names with their districts, tavern licenses and tavern rates, and the care of the poor of the county are among the many kinds of records included in these minutes.

KB 7


Tyrrell County, N.C., Deed Books, 1735-1760, Vol. #1.   By: Stephen Bradley, Pub. 1991, Index, soft cover.

SB 17 $30.00

Tyrrell County, N.C., Deed Books, 1760-1770, Vol. #2.  By: Stephen Bradley, Pub. 1993, Index, soft cover.

SB 18 $30.00

Tyrrell County, N.C., Deed Books, 1770-1783, Vol. #3.  By: Stephen Bradley, Pub. 1993, Index, soft cover.

SB 33 $30.00

Tyrrell County, N.C., Estate Records, 1734-1800. By: Stephen Bradley, Pub. 1991, Index.

SB 16 $30.00

Watauga County, N. C., History of. With Sketches of Prominent Families.  By: John Preston Arthur, Orig. Pub. 1915, Reprinted 1976, 1979, & 1986, 433 pages, New Index, hard cover, ISBN #0-893608-001-2.

Even though this Watauga County was not created until 1849, this book covers well back into the period of the Old Watauga Settlement of Sevier. John Seiver along with many early pioneer settlers, moved into the area. First leasing and later purchasing these lands from the Cherokee Indian Nation back in the 1770's.  This book consists of: the first settlement, Indian raids, churches, Revolutionary & Civil War activities, geological data, legislative & other officers, population & agriculture statistics, place names, schools, but also intertwines his book with numerous names of early settlers, biographical sketches, and anecdotes about county residents. The author even includes a chapter about Daniel Boones who was believed to have spent many a year hunting along the Watauga River.  Of special interest to the genealogists are the biographical sketches of the following families: Adams, Baird, Banner, Bingham, Blackburn, Blair, Brown, Bryan, Bryant, Cable, Coffey, Cottrell, Councill, Critcher, Davis, Dugger, Eggers, Elrod, Farthing, Franklin, Gragg, Greene, Greer, Grider, Grubb, Hagaman, Hardin, Harman, Hartley, Hayes, Hodges, Holtzclaw, Horton, Ingram, Isaacs, Lenoir, Lewis, Linney, Lovill, McBride, McGhee, Mast, Miller, Moretz, Morphew, Norris, Penley, Perkins, Presnell, Reese, Rivers, Sands, Shearer, Sherrill, Shull, Smith, Story, Swift, Tatum, Tester, Thomas, Todd, Trivettm Tugman, Van Dyke, Vannoy, Ward, Watson, Welch, Wilson, Winebarger, Winkler, Woodring, and Yountz.

NC 1 $37.50

Wilkes County, N.C., Land Entry Book, 1778-1781.  By: Mrs. W.O. Absher. Pub. 1989, 130 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-645-2.

The best contemporary documentary evidence for an accurate location of these settlers when the county was created is the original Land Entry Book. It has better details than that to be found in the subsequent land grants. It was customary for the settler to describe the location of his plantation on some stream or head waters of some stream, or on some mountain.  Each entry is dated. There were numerous transfers of entries before the issuance of a grant. Some are refereed to in the entry, but generally the entry taker would mark through the name of the original entree and insert the name of the one to whom it was transferred.  Not only was the first named entered, frequently marked out, but many times erased and the next name written in its place. Many of the entries had as many as four names marked out and written in with no way of knowing whose name was the last one written. North Carolina started its Land Entry Book when the county was organized in March 1778. This old Entry Book Abstracts will be of help to many whose ancestors either passed through or remained in Wilkes County.

NC 38 $23.50

Wilkes County, N.C., Court Minutes, 1789-1797, Vols. 3-4.  By: Mrs. W.O. Absher, Pub. 1989, 132 pages, Index, ISBN #0-89308-647-9.

NC 40 $23.50